[okfn-discuss] crazy idea about a database of vehicle registration plates

andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 10:07:53 UTC 2010

ciao steko, come stai ? - ti stai dando all'archeologia industriale;) ?

a dopo


2010/8/20, Stefano Costa <stefano.costa at okfn.org>:
> Hi all,
> yesterday I had a crazy idea about creating a collaborative database of
> vehicle registration plates. It would be very minimal, containing just the
> plate number/code and the vehicle maker and model. A versioned data model
> would enable updating content (and fixing possible errors), there would be
> an API and all the usual stuff.
> The use cases for this database would be:
> - all those in which proprietary vehicle databases are used
> - study of correlation between average income and cars
> - study of correlation between air pollution and cars
> - studying trends in fashion and industry strategies
> (all these ideas come out from the fact that most plates carry an indication
> of the province/region/other administrative body)
> Feedback welcome!
> Ciao,
> Stefano
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