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jonni jemp jonni.jemp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 18:49:54 UTC 2010

Rob Myers wrote:
> Museums and galleries have lots of data, everything from catalogue
> information and metadata to two- and three-dimensional scans of items in
> their collections. Opening up that data can benefit both museums and the
> public.
> So...
> Who would be interested in attending or helping to organize a workshop
> on open data for museums (and galleries)? Does anyone have any
> suggestions for speakers or resources for such an event?
> Who would be interested in a working group on sharing museum data?
> Let's get something started!
hi Rob

When I worked as a senior conservator at the V&A in London I wrote
about this with reference to codes of ethics in conservation and was
also briefly part of a related inter-museum free software database
in part developed after international meetings between various museum
conservation representatives in NYC and London (2006/07)

Core project team members include London based Joseph Padfield at the
National Gallery, London (see

Although this project is not primarily designed around the wider
notion of open data  (in this case for conservation) it is widely
acknowledged that the projects outputs would facilitate such public

David Saunders,  Keeper of Conservation, Documentation and Science at
the British Museum, is keen on wider access and might be someone to

There is also a related museum collection management project
which included a project team based at the University of Cambridge


Jonathan Kemp

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