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Fri Sep 10 09:36:58 UTC 2010

Signpost/2010-11-29/News_and_notes</a><br><br clear=3D"all"><ul><li><b>Wiki=
data</b>: On the Foundation-l mailing list, the Foundation&#39;s Deputy Dir=
ector Erik M=F6ller <a href=3D"
oundation/216574#216574" class=3D"external text" rel=3D"nofollow">mentioned=
 plans for a &quot;Wikidata Commons&quot;</a>, a central repository of stru=
ctured data for all Wikimedia projects, with similarities to existing proje=
cts, such as the <a href=3D"
" title=3D"Semantic MediaWiki">Semantic MediaWiki</a>-based &quot;<a href=
=3D"" class=3D"external text" rel=
=3D"nofollow">Shortipedia</a>&quot; and <a href=3D"
wiki/Freebase_%28database%29" title=3D"Freebase (database)">Freebase</a>. B=
ack in 2004, M=F6ller had already proposed the <a href=3D"http://www.mediaw=" class=3D"external text" rel=3D"nofollow">Wikidata</a=
> project. (See also recent <i>Signpost</i> coverage of related proposals: =
&quot;<a href=3D"
2010-08-09/Technology_report#A_centralised_.22data_wiki.22" title=3D"Wikipe=
dia:Wikipedia Signpost/2010-08-09/Technology report">A centralised &#39;dat=
a wiki&#39;</a>&quot;.)
 M=F6ller said that the Foundation&#39;s &quot;Data Summit&quot; that has b=
een planned=20
for a while (bringing together various people involved in such efforts)=20
had to be delayed until next year. Speaking about Wikimedia sites in=20
general, he remarked that &quot;we&#39;re continuing to fall behind the res=
t of=20
the web in terms of usability.&quot;</li></ul><br>This could be incredibly =
valuable, especially if it&#39;s accessible by other sites outside Wikimedi=
a (I&#39;m fairly sure it will be - they&#39;re all about open knowledge), =
and if it includes data from many government and intergovernmental sources,=
 e.g. from the World Bank. <br>

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