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hi Rufus,

would you mind using a wiki instead of a blog for the discussion?

I consider wikis a much better tool for discussing not one-way but in a multi-way ecosystem

looking forward to join in

On Fri, 1 Apr 2011 14:45:18 +0100, Rufus Pollock wrote
> Hi All, 
> I've just posted up a new piece (with hand-drawn diagrams!) on the 
> Foundation's blog about building the Open Data Ecosystem: 
> <http://blog.okfn.org/2011/03/31/building-the-open-data-ecosystem/> 
> I've included the first few paragraphs of the piece below. I'd be very 
> interested in any feedback or thoughts people had! 
> Regards, 
> Rufus 
> ## The Present: A One-Way Street 
> At the current time, the basic model for data processing is a [UTF-8?]“one way 
> [UTF-8?]street”. Sources of data, such as government, publish data out into 
> the world, where, (if we are lucky) it is processed by intermediaries 
> such as app creators or analysts, before finally being consumed by end 
> users1. 
> It is a one way street because there is no feedback loop, no sharing 
> of data back to publishers and no sharing between intermediaries. 
> So what should be different? 
> ## The Future: An Ecosystem 
> What we should have is an ecosystem. In an ecosystem there are data 
> cycles: infomediaries [UTF-8?]— intermediate consumers of data such as 
> builders of apps and data wranglers [UTF-8?]— should also be publishers who 
> share back their cleaned / integrated / packaged data into the 
> ecosystem in a reusable way [UTF-8?]— these cleaned and integrated datasets 
> being, of course, often more valuable than the original source. 
> In addition, corrected data, or relevant [UTF-8?]“patches” should find their 
> way back to data producers so data quality improves at the source. 
> Finally, end users of data need not be passive consumers but should be 
> also be able to contribute back [UTF-8?]— flagging errors, or submitting 
> corrections themselves. 
> With the introduction of data cycles we have a real ecosystem not a 
> one way street and this ecosystem thrives on collaboration, 
> componentization and open data. 
> [.... more at <http://blog.okfn.org/2011/03/31/building-the-open-data-ecosystem/>] 
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thanks & cheers, 

Best regards, 
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