[okfn-discuss] More on Google Maps

Maurizio Napolitano napo at fbk.eu
Fri Apr 22 20:29:04 UTC 2011

> If you (or someone else) could help fix the js so we use OpenLayers
> and OSM we can have the google map and its proprietary data removed in
> no-time ...

i checked the code and i can do this without big problems.
I substituted the gmaps code and i implemented everything with 
openlayers using openstreetmap as background.
Before to complete the code i suggest some tips:
- change the code of the data.py to obtain a geojson or a very simple 
csv file (so is more usefull in openlayers)
- use this kind of rappresentation
this is funny because show with differents dimension of balls the 
aggregation of the people that stay in the same place (otherwise there 
are a lot of points overlayed)
- change the marker symbol with some more "okfn-style"

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