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I have recently joined this list, and the OKF itself after attending the OKCon in Berlin a few weeks back.

It seems like I'm a bit late joining the party, so thought I'd make a beeline to the drinks table and introduce myself and what I've been working on for the past couple years.

I'm Zach, and work for Talis, a UK-based data company. For several years, I edited Nodalities (http://www.talis.com/nodalities)magazine, the final edition of which just went out last month. It was a wonderful project to work on, and I'm hoping to bring some ideas from that to the OKF group.

I currently work on Kasabi (http://www.kasabi.com), which is a startup within Talis, and is essentially a place to publish and access data. It's built on top of Linked Data, but is aimed at a wide variety of publishers and developers. One of the goals is to provide ways to access data in a powerfully flexible way with the technology that you're most comfortable with. It is important to us to have a sustainable place for open data. Leigh Dodds, Kasabi's programme manager, blogged about Kasabi on the OKFN blog (http://blog.okfn.org/2011/06/25/open-data-and-kasabi/), and I'll nick one of his paragraphs for a useful summary:

Data hosting in Kasabi is free. This means anyone can use Kasabi as a way to publish Open Data for others to use. A number of the core APIs and services, including basic Linked Data publishing will also always be a free part of the service. Data is most useful when it can be quickly and easily accessed and linked to other sources. This means the service provides a completely free platform for sharing Linked Open Data.

I look after the developer community building up around Kasabi, and run hackdays/events etc around the datasets we host—for example. We have some things coming up which might be of interest to the OKF network, including the Culture Hack Day (http://kasabi-culture.eventbrite.com) on 21 September in London (http://kasabi-culture.eventbrite.com), which is aimed at developers wanting to build applications on top of open datasets themed around culture: art, music, food, theatres, museums… and the rest. I am hoping that some folk within the OKF group would be interested in joining us.

I'm also looking for ideas around interesting datasets that need a sustainable home online, so this might be helpful for folk with datasets too.

Anywho, I'm glad to be joining up, and look forward to ideas, data, and hopefully some coffee sometime.

All my contact info follows too,


---Zach Beauvais | @zbeauvais (http://www.twitter.com/zbeauvais)
Community Manager, Kasabi

Talis Systems Limited
43 Temple Row (http://goo.gl/maps/A9hL)
Birmingham, B2 5LS

email: zb at talis.com (mailto:zb at talis.com)
skype: zbeauvais
phone: 07775 870 362

Zach Beauvais | @zbeauvais (http://www.twitter.com/zbeauvais)zachbeauvais.com (http://www.zachbeauvais.com/)

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