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Hi Puneet, you geo-go guy. Looks like an interesting workshop.

BTW, you wrote "next April", but you meant "this April", I think.

geo-whiz Batman, what's next?


On 1/26/11 8:44 AM, Mr. Puneet Kishor wrote:
> Hi all, because of larger than expected space available for the
> workshop, we can accommodate a few more folks to the "Law and the
> GeoWeb" workshop. If you are attending the AAG conference in Seattle
> next April, and are interested in IP issues related to geographic data,
> I invite you to sign up at [http://punkish.org/geoweb/index.html]. The
> workshop is free, and will be held on the campus of Microsoft Research,
> but registration for the main conference is required.
> We will accept folks until our space limit is reached or until a week
> before the main conference, whichever comes first. So, apply soon if you
> want to ensure a spot.
> The original announcement is below.
> Puneet.
> ----
> Law and the GeoWeb
> ==================
> Announcing "Law and the GeoWeb," a workshop on intellectual property and
> geographic data in the internet era sponsored by Creative Commons and
> the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in conjunction with the 2011
> annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). The
> workshop will be held on Monday, April 11, 2011 on the campus of
> Microsoft Research, and will be streamed live on the Internet.
> This workshop will focus on intellectual property issues with geographic
> data, exploring situations when users and creators ranging from
> individuals to local, state and federal agencies as well as private
> companies and non-profits create, share and reuse geographic information
> from different sources over the Internet in their projects.
> For more information, please see http://punkish.org/geoweb/index.html or
> search on Twitter for #lawandgeoweb
> Rationale
> =========
> U.S Copyright Law protects tangible original works with creative content
> but the law also ensures that facts, that is, data that are discovered
> rather than invented, remain free for everyone's benefit. This
> ideas/expression dichotomy creates a lot of issues in the Internet age
> when information is very easily created, shared, used and reused.
> With inexpensive computing and networking power available to everyone,
> geographic datasets are increasingly being created, shared and used by
> individuals, grassroots organizations, and private corporations. These
> data come with different expectations with regards to how they may be
> used resulting in a hodgepodge of licensing and contractual obligations
> that hinders data interoperability. Mixing data of different provenance
> creates new data with typically more restrictive licensing conditions.
> Public agencies may be unable to mix licensed data with government data
> due to restrictive licensing terms of the resultant dataset, and thus,
> may be unable to capitalize on and benefit from user-generated content.
> Workshop Structure
> ==================
> The current line-up of speakers from federal, state and local agencies,
> Creative Commons, grassroots agencies, intellectual property lawyers,
> the geospatial industry, and research and academia includes:
> * Ed Arabas, National States Geographic Information Council
> * Greg Babinski, King County, State of Washington
> * Michael Brick, Microsoft Legal, Bing Maps
> * Steve Coast, Founder, OpenStreetMap
> * Kari Craun, Director, National Geospatial Technical Operations, USGS
> * Ed Parsons, Chief Technologist, Google Maps, Google
> * Diane Peters, General Counsel, Creative Commons
> * Tim Trainor, Bureau Chief, Geography Division, US Census Bureau
> * Paul Uhlir, Director, Board on Research Data and Information, National
> Research Council
> The format of the workshop will encourage discussion and participation.
> Participate
> ===========
> To ensure those directly involved in the topic get a chance to attend
> the workshop, attendance is based on a short application form accessible
> at http://punkish.org/geoweb/participate/in_person/index.html.
> Attendees will also be able to submit longer papers for publication in a
> special issue of the peer-reviewed, completely free and open access
> online journal "International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructure
> Research" published by the Joint Research Centre of the European
> Commission.
> Logistics
> =========
> The workshop is organized in conjunction with the AAG annual meeting.
> The workshop will be held on the campus of Microsoft Research, and run
> from 1 PM to 5 PM on Monday, April 11, 2011.
> There is no fee for this workshop but participants do have to register
> for the AAG Annual Meeting (This is an AAG requirement). The workshop is
> limited to 50 participants to facilitate discussion.
> Contact
> =======
> Please contact either Puneet Kishor, Creative Commons
> [punkish at creativecommons.org] or Barbara Poore, USGS [bspoore at usgs.gov]
> if you have any questions.
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