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This is an announcement of a video competition for Europe's Digital
Agenda. May be of interest to some people on the list!


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Subject: I'd love to hear your story for Europe's Digital Agenda
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Hi Boyan,

You may have heard about Europe's Digital Agenda. It is European
Union's road map for bringing the benefits of a digital society and
economy to Europe's citizens. On June 16/17 there will be a first
Assembly, during which they will involve all stakeholders in assessing
problems and identifying solutions. (more on the DAA)

For the European Commission, Elmine and I are looking for people's
stories on how people contribute to the Digital Agenda and what they
need to achieve greater impact.

We're looking for as many 1 minute video stories as we can find (a
minimum of 50!) and we only have 2 weeks to get them. That's why
really need your help! Because we would like you (or people close to
you) to have a voice in such a large European event like this.

To give you an idea what the Digital Agenda covers, you can browse
through the lists of actions on each of the 8 big themes of the
Digital Agenda (they're called pillars):

- Digital Single Market

- Interoperability and Standards

- Trust and Security

- Very Fast Internet

- Research and Innovation

- Enhancing e-skills

- ICT for Social Challenges

- International

You may have a story to share on this yourself. Then go grab a
(web)cam and tell it in 60 seconds, upload it to your Youtube-account
and fill out this form.

Perhaps you know colleagues or friends involved in the topics covered
by the Digital Agenda, then forward this message or put them in front
of a camera and (let them) upload it to Youtube and fill out this

(More details on this video competition (top 10 rated will be shown at
the Assembly itself))

Below is the official announcement by the Commission with all the
proper links where you can view other contributions, post a video and
more information about the Assembly itself. I would really appreciate
it if you could contribute something and/or forward this message to
people you know who can't wait to be heard :)

Thanks for your effort!

All the best,


Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


“Take part in the Digital Agenda Video Competition

Your work and opinion matters to the Digital Agenda Assembly. Share
with us what you are

doing to make the Digital Agenda happen, and what you need to achieve
greater impact!

Submit a short video (maximum length 1 min!) and it might be shown at
the Digital Agenda


Turning The Digital Agenda into reality is a collaborative effort of
European citizens, companies,

NGOs, and governments. That is why making your work and opinion
visible matters. On all of

the themes the Digital Agenda contains actions for: Digital Single
Market, Interoperability and

standards, Trust and security, Very fast internet, Research and
innovation, Enhancing e-skills,

and ICT for social challenges.

Participate in our video competition! You can submit videos during the
whole month May, by

uploading them to your YouTube account and telling us about it. Voting
will take place early

June, and the 10 winning videos will be shown at the Digital Agenda Assembly.

Deadline for submiting videos is 31st of May, voting will take place June 1-10.

Videos should not exceed 1 min in length. All entries will be
moderated before they are

accepted into the competition. Information on the competition and all
submitted videos are

available at http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/daa/video/index_en.htm.

The form to enter your own video into the competition is at

We're looking forward to seeing you! ;)”


Boyan Yurukov
Twitter: yurukov

Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lucyfediachambers

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