[okfn-discuss] OKF community meeting today, 6pm UK time

Lucy Chambers lucy.chambers at okfn.org
Tue Oct 11 15:13:23 UTC 2011

Hi again,

It's that time of the week when the team will be in the #okfn room on IRC
from 6pm-7pm (UK time), I could be a couple of minutes late but I'll be back
around asap.

This evening I would be particularly keen to gather feedback on this idea
posted by Tim McNamara in the ideas forum. The idea deals with training
courses for Open Data:


You can comment directly on the forum, or drop me a line on IRC.

It would be great to get the community commenting on the ideas
 and *voting and giving feedback on ideas they would like to see *come to
life. Is there something on there that you would really like to get involved
with - drop us a line and let us know how you would like to help it happen!
We will review these and ideas with the most buzz around them stand a much
better chance of being supported :)

All the best,


Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lucyfediachambers
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