[okfn-discuss] FreeTable: a public commons for open data

Gordon Irlam gordonipub2 at gordoni.com
Mon Sep 5 03:29:30 UTC 2011


Almost two years ago I mentioned on this list the beginning of
development of FreeTable.  An open source data Wiki for open data.

FreeTable is a public commons for open data.  An open source hosted
cloud database service that through a SQL like API allows any
programmer to upload and download individual data values.  In many
respects FreeTable is a data Wiki, with notions of revision history,
curation, and data rollback/roll forward.

FreeTable is now ready for public alpha release.

FreeTable is presently severely lacking in data, but the hope is to
gradually build up relevant data over time.

To try FreeTable out:


Any feedback, or help populating FreeTable with open and useful data,
would be warmly welcomed.


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