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Dear #H4T Supporters

Could we please ask you to distribute this e-mail message below to your
mailing list(s)?

Help us to get applicants from as many Member States as possible, we
would like to have a nice representation from all over Europe!

Many thanks in advance!



We would like to draw your attention to a hackathon being organised in
Brussels on 8-9 November 2011 within the premises of the European
Parliament – focused on transparency. All the info is available at

The EUhackathon revolves around two tracks, of which each winner or
winning team will be awarded a 3.000,00 euro prize. Deadline for
application is 10 October 2011. Apply here:

Selected applicants will be invited to come to Brussels for 2 days,
their travel and accommodation costs being taken care of by the
EUhackathon organisers, courtesy of its sponsors. Oh, and there’s free food!

1. Internet Quality Track

This track is about understanding the quality of service delivered by
mobile operators to users in Europe. The expectation is that the
participants develop innovative and user-friendly multi-platform
interfaces to an existing network measurement tool allowing users to
know the quality of connection they are getting. The code at the basis
of this tool should be the NDT and Glasnost open-source codes available
at M-Lab. A special page has been put up by M-Lab for the hackathon
here: http://measurementlab.net/euhackathon2011.

2. Global Transparency Track

This track focuses on the accessibility of information on the Internet.
The purpose is to use the data made available by the Google Transparency
Report or other sources like Twitter and research undertaken by groups
like, for example, the OpenNet Initiative and Herdict to create new
visualisations showing the consequences of censorship and barriers to
the free flow of information online, and ensuring users and policy
makers get a fuller picture how the Internet is shaped by laws and other
government actions.

Hope that some of you will be inspired and apply to come and

Daniel Dietrich

The Open Knowledge Foundation
Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age
www.okfn.org - www.opendefinition.org

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