[okfn-discuss] Are you a Hacker and you like Poderopedia? Help us release our code and release it well

Miguel Paz miguel at poderopedia.com
Fri Dec 21 15:27:23 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!

We just posted a open invitation to help us release Poderopedia code and
release it well:

For us this is a new and ambitious challenge.

As you know, Poderopedia.org is a not-for-profit and open source project.
This means we have the challenge of releasing our code for anyone who wants
to use it anywhere in the world for whatever they want, under the GPL
license (see details in  <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>

The problem to solve is this: Just because something is open source does
not necessarily mean that someone will use the code.

We have seen how many projects are released but nobody uses their code,
either because the code is “dirty” or “messy” or because it lacks the
necessary documentation.

For this reason, *we need your help to release the Poderopedia code and do
it well*.

*Our goal is* to release a clean, understandable, reusable and well
documented code so that in this way we meet one of the original goals of
this project: *give back to the community what we learned so that others
can use in their own projects and ideas.*


Volunteers to review the code, make proposals and recommendations to
release the code, and if you have time and like the idea, work with us on


We have no money for this but we are good friends:), we have a space on our
website and blog to highlight those who help us. Also stickers, invitations
to future workshops and activities, meetups at our office and the best
coffee in downtown Santiago, Chile.


If you are interested in helping please contact us at
team at poderopedia.comor join our User Group where we have opened
a “thread” for this


*Poderopedia Dev Team*
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