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Hi All,

This has just come in via ideas.okfn.org. This sounds like it could be
related to isitopendata?

Would appreciate your thoughts,


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Hello lucychambers,

rag <http://ideas.okfn.org/users/121/rag/> has just posted a new question
on ideas.okfn.org, entitled OpenData Validation
tagged "
*opendata <http://ideas.okfn.org/tags/opendata/>
datacatalog <http://ideas.okfn.org/tags/datacatalog/>
*". Here's what it says:

The project aims at providing a web app to check for "*Openness*" of data
catalogs and individual entries.

   - Define and implement metrics for "OD best practices“ features and
   aggregate the values. The (french) work from
OpQuast<https://checklists.opquast.com/opendata/workshop/>and TimBL's
5-star notation are probably good starting points for that
   task. Any suggestion is welcome.
   - Define API to collect input values of a given catalog/entry to perform
   metrics computation.
   - Develop several extractors/scrappers for, let say CKAN repositories
   (DataCatalogs, DataHub,...) and several well-known specific OD platforms to
   bootstrap and evaluate the process
   - Develop a downgraded generic extractor for *any* platform
   - Develop extra features, such like statistics, maps, search facilities,
   etc. to highlight and promote indexed data sources.
    - Expose API to offer developers the ability to develop their own
   extractors and connect new data sources.

To do that, we are actually a team of 6 to 8 CS developers/researchers. We
aim at launching the beta version at Nantes OpenData Days, that will be
held from 22 to 25 May 2012 in Nantes, France. One of the satellite events
of the NODDs is http://sites.google.com/site/opendata2012/.

Please, let me know whether you think this project would be valuable for
the OpenData movement and, second, whether OKFN could support the project
or not.


Guillaume Raschia.

Don't forget to come over and cast your vote.


P.S. You can always fine-tune which notifications you receive


Lucy Chambers
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Open Knowledge Foundation
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