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Two months ago we have started IRL the non-institional initiative with
a mission to "gather, verify, develop and proliferate practical skills
for social self-organisation". We are focused on various skills
(blacksmithing to consensus driven decision making, permaculture to
coop founding) needed by people who want to set up intentional
communities and start living off-the-matrix. More about our founding
principles can be found at http://freelabeng.wordpress.com/
Many pictures can be found at http://freelab.org.pl

We are in the initial phase of setting up our facilities in the SW
Poland (near Opole). Staring from scratch, we plan to prepare living
place fo 6 residents in the wintertime, arranging workshops and
personal experience for our visitors at the same time.

Currently open projects are:
- - Rocket stove building (for cooking and heating purposes)
- - Alternate cooking methods (retained heat, solar cookers, sous-vide
- - Natural food storage and preservation
- - Composting toilet made easy
- - Wind powered water pump & power generator
- - Solar water heater from scrap.

All projects are done lowcost and nonprofit way. Every nformation we
publish is licenced CC BY-SA-NC
We are NOT an organisation. It is purely 'citzen initiative' in the
cooperative spirit. The only funding we obtain is crowdsourced, from
individual donors.

I am looking for people interested in joining us, for short or longer
term, to help us build FreeLab facilities and spread practical
knowledge among alternative communities. We already received many
invitations from activist groups, squatting communities and student
associations. Many of them we had to drop, simply due to the lack of
money (for fuel, presentation materials etc.).

We shall appreciate every help in materials, equipment (accu tools -
we have no electricity except for the 12V DC from the PV panel), work,
contacts or money. We would also like to spread word about our
initiative to help people find us.

I will be happy to answer every feedback - please also feel free to
browse our website, using Google Translate if necessary. I have
verified its results, they are relatively ok.



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