[okfn-discuss] Hello! :-)

Vitor Baptista vitor at vitorbaptista.com
Wed Jul 11 17:24:48 UTC 2012


Just wanted to introduce myself. I've just started this monday as a Data
Visualisation Dev on the OpenSpending project.

My main experiences are with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. But I've also
worked with C++, as a researcher for Ginga, the brazilian digital TV
middleware (might be useful for some projects).

First time I heard about opengov was when Pedro Markun and Daniela Silva
started Transparência Hacker a few years ago. From that day on, I started
developing random small stuff. This is the area where we, technologists,
can have the most impact in society. I'm very happy to do it full time now.

I'm vitorbaptista in IRC. Say hi if you want to talk :-)

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