[okfn-discuss] WebGL (Was: Re: Hello! :-))

Vitor Baptista vitor at vitorbaptista.com
Thu Jul 12 14:14:20 UTC 2012

(moving to okfn-labs)


2012/7/11 elf Pavlik <perpetual-tripper at wwelves.org>

> RoR, js, c++ sounds nice! since you have mentioned visualisation i wonder
> if you have any xp with WebGL?
> but maybe we should move such conversation to okfn-labs ;)

I haven't played with WebGL yet. I've seen some interesting demos, but none
for data visualisation. Has someone done anything with it? And/or know a
cool vis? :-)

I feel that there's so much you can do with CSS3 that only the most funky
visualisations will need to rely on WebGL.

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