[okfn-discuss] OKFN Energy Lab: Call for Partners

Velichka Dimitrova velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org
Wed Jul 25 14:02:47 UTC 2012

Dear all,

OKFN Labs <http://okfnlabs.org/> is launching Labs
a new initiative to create data-driven applications around a specific topic
within a very short timeframe – a single week. As we start this, we’re
looking for partners to help us frame the questions that our apps will aim
to explore. To create such high-impact apps which can serve policy-making,
our team needs a partner from the topic area who understands the background
and the issue in question and can help us guide in the creations of a
meaningful product.

Energy Data <http://sprints.okfnlabs.org/energy/> is theme for the first
OKF Lab, taking place in Berlin 1-8 October, 2012, and bringing together a
small team of coders, designers, data wranglers, technologists and policy
experts. The theme is structured broadly to incorporate a wide range of
sub-topics e.g. renewable energy resources and energy efficiency, fossil
fuels and traditional energy structures, electricity demand and supply,
government spending around energy policies as well as emissions from energy
use in transport, industry, etc.

Please, read more on the blog post:

Velichka Dimitrova
Project and Community Coordinator for Labs
Coordinator for Economics and Energy Projects
Open Knowledge Foundation
http://okfnlabs.org/ | http://openeconomics.net
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