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Welcome Jen!

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Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself as the new OKFN Data Wrangler working on the School of Data and OpenSpending projects.

My education is in applied math and information science, with a concentration in government secrecy and information visualization. My experience has been centered around communicating with numbers, from teaching math to scientific programming and visualization of lidar data.

I'm deeply enthusiastic about the power of open data, particularly in the hands of a motivated and interested individual who has access to tools and a community with which to analyze the data. In information science, the saying "Every book its reader" is used to remind us that materials should be accessible to everyone in a community. I strongly believe that "every data has its analyst."

My hope is that the School of Data will be a place where any interested person can learn the data skills they need to access the data they want.

If you want to see more about me, try my website: http://www.datatelling.com/ or find me on twitter at @datatelling. (Full disclosure: on twitter I'm about 50% conversation, 40% things I like, and 10% things that make me angry, focused on data and visualization but often random.)

I'm so happy to be part of the OKFN community, and am really looking forward to good discussions about data, learning, and making great things with all of you!


Jen Lowe
Data Wrangler
Open Knowledge Foundation
jen.lowe at okfn.org
Skype: datatelling
Twitter: @datatelling

Elsevier Limited. Registered Office: The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, United Kingdom, Registration No. 1982084 (England and Wales).

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