[okfn-discuss] Free Elections Hackathon - Sat 16th June

Dan Stanley dan at thesmallaxe.com
Tue May 29 12:55:14 UTC 2012

Hi all

Just wanted to draw your attention to an event next month that might be of
interest - the Free Elections Hackathon. Its taking place on Saturday 16th
June in London.

More info is on website is at www.electionshack.co.uk - the basic idea is
to bring together as much expertise as we can on elections and technology,
have some discussions, network, and do some hacking. As usual in these
events there will be plentiful snacks and refreshments available.

All are welcome to attend - you can register on the eventbrite through the
big button on the website. If you have technical skills related to mapping,
crowdsourcing and datasets (or elections of course), we'd be especially
keen for you to be there! We're also looking for sponsors of course...

Any questions, ideas, email me at dan at thesmallaxe.com


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