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This CFP might be of interest to some...  particularly the "freedom" track.


Dr Laura James
Open Knowledge Foundation


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    For time and the world do not stand still.  Change is the law
    of life.  And those who look only to the past or the present
    are certain to miss the future.  --- John F. Kennedy

To the CFP Community:

We need your help.  CFP relies on the expertise of the CFP community
of experts --- advocates, academics, technologists and policymakers
and influencers to help plan the CFP conferences.  We are now putting
out a call for proposals for CFP2013.  Proposals can be for potential
speakers, panelists, and debate topics.

The theme of the conference is "Our Computers, Our Freedom:  Can You
Trust Anyone in the Digital Age?" and we will be focusing on the
three tracks of the conference --- Track 1: Technology; Track 2:
Freedom; Track 3: Privacy.  The Program Committee's goal for CFP2013
is to have a balanced mix of all topics and is especially welcome to
proposals related to the technology aspects of our digital world.

Proposals can be submitted here:


The deadline for submissions is December 15.  Submitters will be
notified as their proposals are accepted.

The CFP2013 Program Committee will review the proposals and create
the agenda for next year's conference.  As in years past, the Program
Committee may offer suggestions to draw out topics, recommend that
similar proposals be combined into one session, and help in securing
panelists and keynote speakers.

CFP's success is largely due to the active participation of the public
interest, nonprofit, corporate, and government community.  Every year
CFP draws a robust group together to discuss and debate the issues
of the day --- technology, freedom, and privacy.  Your continued
participation and engagement is critical to CFP's continued success.


CFP2013 Co-Chairs

Frank Torres

Chris Calabrese
American Civil Liberties Union
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