[okfn-discuss] OKFN France joins our global network

Kat Braybrooke kat.braybrooke at okfn.org
Thu Nov 22 17:53:37 UTC 2012

Bonjour all,

I'm happy to announce the inclusion of our newest Local Group, OKFN France,
into the Open Knowledge Foundation's Local Communities network! Many
congratulations to its founders Samuel Goëta, Primavera De Filippi, Peter T
Schiøler, Kat Borlongan, and Pierre Chrzanowski.

France currently has a vibrant community of actors working to promote open
knowledge and data, including La FING, Libertic and Regards Citoyens. By
establishing the OKFN in France, local organisers hope to broaden these
activities, acting as a focal point and helping promote French initiatives
on an international scale.

Now is a great time to get involved in these beginning steps.The first OKFN
France meetup happens 12 Dec in Paris, and you're invited:

For more details about the meetup and OKFN France's plans, its founders
have published a post on the OKFN Blog here:

Bienvenue, OKFN France! We all look forward to hearing more from you in the
upcoming months.


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