[okfn-discuss] raise awareness to unemployment and global warming @ WebSummit 2013

Sivan Greenberg sivan at omniqueue.com
Tue Aug 27 09:11:53 UTC 2013

Dear List,

 I'd like to kindly ask you to help me raise awareness to global warming
and unemployment.

The People's Stage @ WebSummit 2013 Dublin, is a place where people give
talks on every subject they fancy. They are selected to give this talks via
voting on the talk's page - via Facebook voting (like'ing).

In my talk, I'll address how I think we can reduce unemployment and stop
global warming using open geo-data and the power of community.

I find the software world a bit oblivious to those 2 burning issues, and I
shall call on the stage, for standardization, opening their data and
co-operation between parties engaged in the crowd sourcing  industry for
the benefit of the world and people (we only have one planet right?).

The link to view my teaser  video is here:


One item relating to OKFN was this: http://science.okfn.org/okfest/ - a
seminar about open medical data, quantified self and its promise.

All the best, shall be excited to hear feedback about the subject and

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