[okfn-discuss] Temporary CC license

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Fri Apr 25 14:36:49 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I came across a curious academic publishing gambit I'd like to ask the 
list about.

In short, two articles in Society and Space Volume 32 Number 2 have been 
made open access.

The cc-by-nc button and the text 'Open Access" mark these 2 articles on 
the journal issue page:

And the two articles are announced as open access until June 18th

However, the PDFs of the articles have (c) Pion and Licensors at the bottom.

In the comments on the announcement page, I asked what happens after 
June 18th. The reply was: "I think Pion will simply revert to the 
previous status on that date."

Can this be done? Does this revoke previously granted rights? If I 
republished the articles on a blog, would I be obliged to take them down 
on June 18th?

Or - as I suspect - does a publisher not understand open access and CC 

John Levin

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