[okfn-discuss] new brand, new website: coming up next week

Gene Shackman eval_gene at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 12 00:35:38 UTC 2014

Is there any change to goals or aims to okf too?

On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 11:25 AM PDT Laura James wrote:

>As many of you know, we're refreshing our brand, and as part of this we will
>be refreshing okfn.org with our new brand next week.
>   - We're improving things to help Open Knowledge reach more people -
>   particularly communities who aren't involved in the open movement today
>   - Name change: from 'Open Knowledge Foundation' to 'Open Knowledge'
>   - New logo and better support for network use of the logo
>   - Words change: we have a new way of talking about ourselves, to make
>   sure new people to Open can understand what we're doing and why
>The network has been involved in the brand development process especially
>in the early stages as we explored what open knowledge meant to us all, and
>over the last weeks we've been sharing the final results with local group
>and working group coordinators.  We've also got a wiki page with all the
>information: http://wiki.okfn.org/About_the_Open_Knowledge_brand which
>we'll update as more materials etc become available, and as we work out
>what are the "FAQs" we need to answer. So news of the rebrand is already
>getting out, although we won't be formally announcing anything until the
>website is live.

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