[okfn-discuss] suggestion re. "drill down" for time series with non-homogenous coverage

Andrea Giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 15:57:34 UTC 2014


I have a data set [1] where data are coming from monitoring stations which
have been activiated at different dates/years, and which may be off-line
for certain periods, so temporal coverage is not uniform once a station
enters our network.

I would like to display the availability of data ideally in the form of a
grid which provides some kind of drill down by showing years/months/days,
so that a user which eventually goes to query the systems for charting or
download can minimize the amount of "sorry, no data for this station in
this date range" kind of messages.

I can easily build a set of queries providing a count of data records per
station aggregated on a given time interval...

I would then like to know if you have any suggestions for a nice visual
front-end to these data arrays...in principle even returning a plain table
with cells showing the number of records would be ok, but I'm taking the
exercise as an opportunity to check out some fresher options.

TIA for any feedback you may provide, and regards

Andrea Giacomelli

[1] www.cordilit.org and "English Home" if you are interested in the details
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