[okfn-discuss] What are you doing Open Data Day?

Heather Leson heather.leson at okfn.org
Fri Feb 7 21:01:38 UTC 2014

Happy Friday (or Saturday for timezone friends)

So far, there are over 108 self-organized events planned for Open Data Day
on and around February 22, 2014.[1]

If you are hosting or participating, it would be great to hear your
stories/plans on 'What will you be doing Open Data Day". (See our blog post
today with some global stories [2])

On Feb. 12th (noon EST) we will host a G+ hangout to connect anyone who
wants to share their stories or ask questions. All welcome (We will record
it too) [3]

Last year, there was 123 organized.  Events can be small datamaker to
occupying your local library or hub space. So it is not to late to join the
fray. (tips on the blog post.)

As for me, I am somehow in two cities for ODD (Toronto has a pre-event on
the 21st and I will be in DC for the 22nd doing some School of Data Fun.)

Note the updated mailing list for ODD [4]

Have a great weekend,


[1] http://wiki.opendataday.org/2014/City_Events
[2] http://blog.okfn.org/2014/02/07/what-are-you-doing-on-open-data-day/
[3] https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cdh7h5req1g4ucqrrcmdirmodbk
[4] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/open-data-day


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