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Fri Apr 3 12:38:37 UTC 2015

Dear all,

The Open State Foundation would like to invite you GCCS-Unplugged
the 17th of April in The Hague. GCCS-Unplugged is the “unconference”
edition of Diplohack, where you set the agenda, decide the subject and work
it out with others.

GCCS-Unplugged is an unconference run by Open State Foundation in
cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a lot of others,
including WebWeWant, FreePressUnlimited, Hague Global Institute for
Justice, Bits of Freedom. We welcome both transparency (open data) and
online freedom and privacy communities, both developers and others and
policymakers, journalists, startups and participants of the Global
Conference on CyberSpace. The unconference is within 2 minutes walk from
the main governmental conference hall (WorldForum) in the Hague. It is held
at the Worldhotel Bel Air in The Hague.

It’s an unconference where participants make the agenda, join the
conversations and decide what topics to be discussed. It will be the place
where those who are concerned about transparency and online freedoms come
together and actually make themselves heard and join the conversation with
diplomats and other participants of the GCCS. We will help participants
build the agenda, enable participation and to get the most from the day.

You can register and suggest a session even before you start, here
 ! But you can also take your time and suggest sessions and topics to
discuss on the day of the event itself, it is completely flexible.
Participation is limited to around 200 people at any one time – first come,
first served. To find out about topics that have already been suggested see
here: http://www.gccs-unplugged.net/?page_id=144

GCCS Unplugged is an official side-event to the Global Conference on
CyberSpace on 16-17 April at walking distance to our open event, allowing
participants of the GCCS to mingle with NGO’s, civic tech developers,
students, businesses, academics and civil society.

The day will start with a plenary part, in which we will set the agenda
together and get to know each other. Then there will be various sessions
broken into seven blocks. Parallel to the session, there will be four
diplohack sessions. These diplohack sessions are our hackerspace where new
approaches to online freedom and transparency will be made. When attending
to a session, it is not necessary to stay until the end, you can move
around and visit other sessions. Of course you will be enjoying lunch with
us and, after the plenary closing, we invite you to have a drink and a chat
with everyone.

Please let us know if you will be attending by registering on this website.
We hope to see you then!

*WHEN: 17 April from 9am to 7pm*

*WHERE: Worldhotel Bel Air The Hague, Johan de Wittlaan 30, 2517 JR, THE


Arjan El Fassed

On behalf of The Open State Foundation Team

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