[okfn-discuss] [open-government] Citizens/civil society data as an advocacy tool to change public institutional data collection?

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou b.ooghe at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 00:42:20 UTC 2015

Hi Jonathan,

You might be interested by the example of our crowdsourcing last year
of french MPs' handwritten interests declarations published ad scanned

Following this work, the Official Authority in charge of the
publication announced they will develop an online form for MP to fill
their declaration in the future so that it can be directly published
as OpenData.

Another example could be our project with Transparency International
France using crowdsourcing to study lobbying :
This app allowed us to produce a study
which demonstrated that the register published by the Assemblée
Nationale was not precise enough and that parliamentary documents
could be more specific regarding interventions of lobbyists. The
French Assembly modified their rules after the publication of this
work to force lists of auditions to be always included and to publish
their lobby register as Open Data (unfortunately, this register is
only voluntary and not shared with the other institutions yet).


Regards Citoyens (cowritten e-mail)

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 12:35 PM, Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are currently working with the Datashift on some research looking at how
> data from citizens/civil society groups can be used as an advocacy tool to
> change what public institutions measure.
> This follows on from the discussion paper we published earlier this year on
> Democratising the Data Revolution.
> We'd like to highlight some of the best examples of how data generated by
> citizens and civil society organisations can be used to change data measured
> by public institutions – as well as what kinds of strategies, technologies,
> methods and practises were used in these projects.
> The Migrant Files from J++ and The Counted by The Guardian both illustrate
> how data collection can be used to highlight gaps in official forms of
> measurement and to illustrate how institutions can measure things
> differently.
> We're also looking into citizen data, crowdsourcing, drone journalism, data
> journalism, data activism, civic tech and other kinds of data projects that
> might be used to intervene in official data collection practices.
> If anyone knows of any examples that might be relevant - we'd love to hear
> about them on this forum thread.
> All the best,
> Jonathan
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