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Mon Feb 23 19:26:03 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Since my flu is slowly approaching an end it is time to announce the *new
date for our Identity Community Hangout *on* March 5, 3.00-4.00PM UTC*

*I would love to re-invite you to join the rescheduled call and hope that
even more of you can join*!

If you cannot be join the call please feel free to leave your input in as a
reaction in the topic space

This session will be part of my broader research on transnational activism
and community building across borders.

And in the meanwhile I have even more news for you. My research now has its
own space in our OK Forum - the Exploring the OK Identity category
<http://discuss.okfn.org/category/exploring-the-ok-identity>. Here I will
frequently provide updates on the research and we will have more options to
structure the information and can have separate topics for each hangout or
other discussion threat. I will invite to for hangouts and certainly keep
pushing for your constructive contributions :)

*Please find more information and further options to engage in the first
community hangout here

*I am looking forward to talking to many of you next week!*



Community Session Hangout: Discussion of the Open Knowledge community

March 5, 2015

How do Open Knowledge members (local groups etc.) around the globe identify
with the OK community, do we have a shared sense of belonging and identity
at all and what is it triggered by? And what does that imply for OK on its
way to a global ... movement, network, or other organizational construct?

The aim of this community session is to shed light on those questions and
to explore if the Open Knowledge community identifies itself differently in
relation to each other (e.g. all us activist individuals among ourselves
and also in relation to other activist groups / non OK 'branded') and in
relation to Open Knowledge International.

Those explorations are part of a broader interest in shifting dynamics of
socio-political activism from the perspective of civic motivations to
engage across national borders.

The session will be directed by Kersti Wissenbach from Open Knowledge
Netherlands, supported by Christian and Katelyn from Open Knowledge

*Kersti Ruth Wissenbach*
campaign strategies | program coordination | research

*Freedom of Expression & Information | Open Development **| ICT4C *

NL ambassador Open Knowledge Foundation

Mobile +31 (0)634193966
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