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Kersti Wissenbach krwissenbach at gmail.com
Mon May 18 08:58:09 UTC 2015

Dear all,

To mark the occasion I would like to bring up the existence of the Open
Knowledge speaker list
which I think Laura had initiated one or two years ago.

Lately, I witnessed the apparent lack of awareness of great assets of our
network when it comes to having actual experts on specific topics speaking
at public events. As it is goes with lists and platforms - plenty exist and
little use is made of many of them.
Therefore, I was wondering if more people share my concern and would like
to find a good way in how we can ensure that the strength of our community
can be used in situations such as finding topic experts to e.g. speak at
certain events, providing actual support, etc.

I think that it might be handy to have such a list per working group given
that within each thematic area nuances of expertise become more relevant. I
would be happy to coordinate for the open development working group.

However, just a suggestion and very happy to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes,

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