[okfn-discuss] Proposing a new working group on Open Innovation (kshitiz khanal)

Mattias Axell mattias at okfn.se
Mon Nov 16 12:25:53 UTC 2015

Dear Kshitiz,

Happy to see your proposal! We in OK Sweden local group very recently
discussed the need for an Open Innovation working group as well. We are
happy to support this initiative if you want to take it on.
Unfortunately we cannot help out at the moment other than the projects
and research we do connected to this field. :)

Looking forward to hear more about it if you take it on! Keep us posted.


Mattias Axell
Open Knowledge Sweden

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> Hello everybody,
> We have many working groups here including those in open sustainability,
> design, data, spending, and more.
> Do you think it will be make Open Knowledge better if we had a separate
> working group on *Open Innovation*? After all, innovation is a buzz word in
> today's world in all fields. Disruption, Democratization, Demonetization
> happening all over places.
> Open Innovation is in line with Open Knowledge's vision of *enabling people
> to work together to tackle local and global challenges*.
> Innovation, though cross-cutting by definition, is a powerful concept on
> its own. Innovations happen everywhere in multiple forms, and this may make
> a case that innovation will be covered in all other groups separately.
> However, a very interesting thing is that numerous innovations follow
> similar patterns.
> Process of innovation (mostly) begins with problems, happens with thinking
> out of the box or thinking  of different boxes entirely, and making the
> thoughts real and seeing magic happen (not to forget the hard parts like
> persevering, critical thinking).
> Let's discuss whether having a separate working group will help the cause
> of Open Knowledge better and whether we really need a new working group in
> Open Innovation.
> Regards,
> Kshitiz Khanal
> Open Knowledge Nepal
> @kshitizkhanal7 <http://twitter.com/kshitizkhanal7>
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