[okfn-discuss] How to add metadata to data sets on the portal ?(Request for cooperation)

Bart Hanssens Bart.Hanssens at fedict.be
Thu Jul 28 20:47:05 UTC 2016


It probably depends on what you mean by adding metadata on the portal, and how the portal is maintained.
Is this about adding extra metadata, after the datasets are published on the portal ?
Are the datasets on the Japanese portal maintained manually, or pushed to the portal by an automated process ?

E.g. for data.gov.be, the national portal in Belgium, gets it (meta)data from various other (regional) portals,
and from different websites, by scraping (HTML sites) or using an API (CKAN, OpenDataSoft or other software).
The metadata from all portals is transformed to a DCAT-AP file, that is used to update the data.gov.be site.

We don't add metadata anymore on the data.gov.be itself, everything is done before it gets uploaded

Sometimes extra metadata is added (e.g. mapping of free text keywords to themes/categories,
or "missing" language tags, or a default email contact...), or data is corrected etc

Everything is command line (basically a small Java program that runs various SPARQL files), 
and some mapping files are to be created manually (typically a SKOS file)

It's not "pretty", and not very advanced, but it works for our purposes...

See https://github.com/Fedict/dcattools

Best regards,

Bart Hanssens
Interoperability expert
Federal Public Service ICT Belgium

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Hi all,

Japanese government is asking me about efficient way to add metadata
to enormous data sets on the government open data portal site.   I
would appreciate it if you could cooperate my question.

1. How do government officials add metadata to each data sets on the government data portal site like "data.gov" ?

2. Do the government have any tools ( crawler ...etc) to add metadata?
or have any plans to develop them?

3. Who knows this issue?  What department is in charge of this?

4. Do you have any related information or any outlook about this issue?

Thank you.

Masa Shoji
Representative Director
Open Knowledge Japan
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