[okfn-discuss] Query - Digital with and for homeless people?

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Mon Jun 20 17:59:00 UTC 2016

I met Adam Bard at Civic Hall in NYC the other week at my Civic Tech Mixer.
<http://po.st/civictechmixernyc> He and a group of dedicated volunteers are
working on a effort called Streetlives.

Below is his simple, yet very import request for information. - Steven Clift

Question from Streetlives:

      Does anyone have best practices for building a website and an online
community with and for homeless people, or valuable experience they could

      We're looking for are ways to learn from mistakes, or at least to be
sure we have looked far and wide for similar projects, so we don't fail
through ignorance. Streetlives is in our very early stages and your input
can help us learn from others and down the road
position us to share what we learn back.

     Please email your replies to Adam Bard:  adam at streetlives.nyc


P.S. We met at the NYC meetup for the Open Government and Civic Technology
Facebook Group <http://po.st/opengovcivictechfacebook>. The gathering
<http://po.st/civictechmixernyc> was like a mini-birds of a feather
unconference session which included mini presentations on local civic tech
projects. Let me know if you want to leverage our 5,000 global audience to
try and organize a local meetup or better yet add this format to an
upcoming local civic meeting and use this Facebook group to cross-promote.

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