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Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Mon Nov 7 15:58:51 UTC 2016

If we want a non-partisan infrastructure promoting open building blocks for
democracy, we all need to step up and contribute in every country. For
those in the UK in particular here, I encourage you to chip in toward the
Democracy Club! - Steve

From: Democracy Club <hello at democracyclub.org.uk>
Date: Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 9:53 AM
Subject: Democracy needs you

[image: Democracy Club logo]

Dear friend,

It’s been an extraordinary year for politics and democracy — and with the
US elections on Tuesday, it’s not over yet.

Some people argue that we’ve entered a world of post-fact politics, where
the ‘mainstream media’ is pitted against social media’s echo chambers.

Some argue that democracy’s time is up.

But we can build a better democracy. With accurate, non-partisan
information, voters will make better decisions. We need to get them that
information on every candidate for every election; unbiased and unfiltered.

We have ambitious goals for 2020:

[image: Seven goals for 2020: every election, candidate, polling station
and result. Plus deeper information on candidates and more partners to
spread the word.]

Help us beat post-fact politics.

Chip in £3/month and we can make this happen
starting with our Every Election database. We will also begin to prepare
WhoCanIVoteFor and WhereDoIVote for the county council elections next May.

With best wishes,

Joe, Sym and everyone involved in Democracy Club
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