[okfn-discuss] Need to figure out how to step down from OKFN Ambassador role

heath rezabek heath.rezabek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 16:04:09 UTC 2017

Apologies for posting here; I just want to make sure someone sees this who
can assist me.

I must step down from my role as OKFN Ambassador for TX. I've been listed
as such since 2013, but need to streamline my commitments.

Please get in touch if there is anything else I can do, or if retiring my
name is something you an do to your internal lists.

Thank you, sincerely,

- Heath

Heath Rezabek  //  librarian and futurist
@heath_rezabek <https://twitter.com/heath_rezabek>  //  sxsw 2015
<http://vimeo.com/122247565>  //  linkedin
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