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we have just launched a new campaign, please help distribute!

Our current government claims the UK is a world leader in open data. So far though, they’ve failed to open up some of our most important public databases.
Data about UK addresses is still locked down, unavailable to the general public and only accessible with an expensive and complex annual license from the Royal Mail. Innovators are being discouraged from putting this core reference data to creative use. British businesses and public services have to cope with the unnecessary burden of applying and paying for access to location data.
The Open Data Users Group, a governmental advisory group, has just released a report  (http://data.gov.uk/blog/odug-progress-on-a-national-address-dataset)calling for a public and open National Address Dataset to replace the restrictive database that we have now.
Open Rights Group has long campaigned for public data to be openly accessible and reusable. We had a huge breakthrough in 2010 when the government released more than 2,500 datasets. We now want the government to unlock location data too.
We’re writing to the Minister responsible for the Royal Mail, Michael Fallon, demanding the free, public and open National Address Dataset proposed by The Open Data Users Group. We are also copying in the chair of the ODUG to show them that they have public support.

Join the call for government to open up location information for everyone to use. Please ask the Minister to open up the postcodes now (http://action.openrightsgroup.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1422&ea.campaign.id=18718).

Location data is a critical national asset. The Royal Mail can’t be allowed to exploit this information for commercial gain. Instead, the government should make this data freely available as part of our national public infrastructure.

Ministers will try to hide behind the argument that these issues only concern a minority of technical experts. This just isn’t true. We need your help to show them that British citizens are well aware of the crucial importance of this data and are ready to be vocal about it.

Write to the minister for Royal Mail to ask for the government to open up access to UK location data HERE (http://action.openrightsgroup.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1422&ea.campaign.id=18718).  

Javier Ruiz
Campaigns Director, Open Rights Group

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