[OKFN-EN] I.T Aid for Third Sector - UK Wide

Claudio Vidini claudio at netsolutionswales.co.uk
Thu Sep 5 08:28:12 UTC 2013

Dear Open Discussions,

We'd very much like to pass our funding opportunity onto your Community 
member Groups.

We can assist any UK based Community Group or Charity with I.T. Grant's of
£10,000 .Full support with no cost to the group or ongoing commitment. Funds
are for PC’s, Laptops (All Capital considered) and Services. Groups must
spend within a year of receipt. Funds are ongoing until at least April 2014.

Groups may apply via email from Senior Management –
grants at netsolutionswales.co.uk


Best Regards,

Claudio Vidini (BSc)

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