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Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Tue Sep 10 20:43:45 UTC 2013


You’re all on this list because of a shared interest in open knowledge, and
in collaborating to share skills and build tools to make data open, used
and useful.

There’s lots happening in the UK right now - opportunities to give feedback
on data.gov.uk, consultations around what could be vital areas of open data
such as registers of beneficial ownership, and more.

It would be great to have a proper Local Group of the Open Knowledge
Foundation to add to our growing international community - we’re active in
nearly 40 countries now.  This could be an initiative group, who run and
attend open-themed meetups, workshops, datathons, trainings and other
events, campaign for open data release, and build open source tools and
other open stuff, or one or more Ambassadors, where individuals take on
responsibility to champion open knowledge, participate in open communities
and events, and so on. It's quite possible to have several Ambassadors or a
mix of Ambassadors and an Initiative group.

Would anyone be interested in starting a group, or becoming an Ambassador?
We have lots of support for new local groups and this is a great time to
get involved. This list is a great start but of course a list doesn't make
things happen in and of itself!

Also, this is the OKFN-EN list - specifically EN, England, at least in
name.  Would you like to see a dedicated England group/list, or should this
be a UK or GB group/list?  (you may know we have a thriving local group in
Scotland already!) Thoughts welcome :-)

Best regards,



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