[OKFN-FR] Ideas for data projects related to climate change

Pierre Chrzanowski pierre.chrzanowski at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 10:38:47 UTC 2013

Hi Jonathan,

In response to your thread [1].

Here in France has just started a national and "want to be open" debate on
energy transition which is supposed to end with a proposal for a policy
framework on energy transition by the end of June [2].

So, I am thinking of launching as simple one-stop shop website (
transition-energetique.okfn.fr) on content related to energy transition
that could feed the debate.

Content could include: public and scientific datasets, scientific papers,
dataviz and press or blog articles that highlight the debate with a good
usage of open content.
All of these should be curated by a group of independent people with skills
in energy policy, economics, sustainable development.

The main steps of the projects would be to :
- set up an Energy Transition group on the datahub and/or a on the new
French datahub beta.nosdonnees.fr for public and scientific data on energy
- set up a similar group for open access articles (which platform to use?)
- set up a google spreadsheet + listify or something similar for dataviz
and blog and articles
- set up the website transition-energetique.okfn.fr that will embed all
this content in a engaging way
- set the the group of curators

Regarding the timeframe of the debate, this is something that we would like
to launch by the end of February / start of March.

Of course, this is something that could help us to call for CO2 data
disclosure in the French Context and beyond.

What do you think ?
Do you have similar projects in mind ?

[2] http://www.transition-energetique.gouv.fr/

*Pierre Chrzanowski*
// Skype: pierre.chrzanowski // Twitter : piezanowski
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