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Bonjour à tous, je fais remonter ici un thread plein de références
intéressantes sur éducation et diversité, notamment pour le projet école
des données.


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As both Events Coordinator at the OKF and founding member at
OpenTechSchool<http://www.opentechschool.org/> (a
global community initiative promoting programming and tech workshops to
folks of all genders, ages, and levels of knowledge), I find the
previous e-mail
thread about gender diversity and programming projects for kids

But I think the conversations about diversity and education could benefit
from being discussed separately, so I'm creating this new thread.

To all of you asking about more links to code-for-kids (some for children,
some for teens) projects – some I know about and appreciate:
Young Rewired State <https://youngrewiredstate.org/>: under 18, all
genders, not beginners
Jugend Hackt <http://jugendhackt.de/> (spin-off of YRS, organized by OKF
Germany): under 18, all genders, not beginners
Hackidemia <http://www.hackidemia.com/>: more hardware, kids of all ages,
CoderDojo <http://coderdojo.com/> (the Berlin chapter just kicked off
week, thanks to Tiffany, the same person who launched the initiative to
mentor female speakers in tech  <http://weareallaweso.me/>I linked in the
previous thread): age 5-17, all genders
App Summer Camp<http://blog.opentechschool.org/2013/07/app-summer-camp-in-hamburg-it-was-awesome.html>:
13-15, girls, Android
Isla <http://islalanguage.org/>: a programming language for children, by
Marie Rose Cook, beginners-friendly

Hope you'll find some interesting links and hacking inspiration in this


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