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Hey Gang;

I prepared the following bibliography for the Research Data Alliance CODATA
Legal Interoperability Interest Group (
https://rd-alliance.org/internal-groups/legal-interoperability-ig.html).  I
focused primarily on what I know in Geo world.  I wanted to share Canadian
Stuff with them.  I put this together quickly and know I missed stuff,
groups, and people.  Can you point out any others?  I will of course let
point them to the list to let them know who contributed! *French stuff of
course welcome!*



These are not exclusively about interoperability, but about geospatial
data, law and policy in Canada. These however can be used as comparisons
with papers about other countries.  I will contact the GEOIDE project at
Laval University to see what they may have.  I did not include material on
data management policies which discuss legislative obligations nor works on
geospatial data as these are not exclusive to geo.  The InterPARES project
at UBC may also have some papers and I will contact Luciana Duranti for
these as their site is currently down.  It is not an exhaustive
bibliography, but I believe is a good start.

With time I will identify key players, you will see names below and a list
of some ongoing committees on the topic.  Let me know what I can do next to
help.  I start my work at NIRSA at Maynooth in Ireland Sept. 1. and should
be able to surface by mid to late September.


Saunders, A., T. Scassa, T. P. Lauriault, (Forthcoming 2013), *Legal Issues
in Maps Built on Third Party Base Layers,* *Geomatica*.

Engler, Nate J., Teresa Scassa, & D. R. Fraser Taylor, (In press
2012), *Mapping
Traditional Knowledge: Digital Cartography in the Canadian North*, *

Scassa, Teresa, Nate J. Engler, D. R. Fraser Taylor, (In press 2012),
*Legal Issues in Mapping Traditional Knowledge: Digital Cartography in
Canadian North*, *The Cartographic Journal*.

Judge, Elizabeth F. and Teresa Scassa. 2010. *Intellectual Property and the
Licencing of Canadian Government Geospatial Data: An examination of
GeoConnections' Recommendations for Best Practices and Template Licences.*
*The Canadian Geographer*. No3 366-374.
Scassa, Teresa and Lisa M. Campbell. 2009. *Data Protection, Privacy and
Spatial Data*”, in R. Devillers & H. Goodchild, eds. Proceedings of the 6th
International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality, Taylor & Francis, 2009,
pp. 211-220.

*Discussion papers:*

Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of Ontario. 2012. Privacy and
Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
Other IPC resources not necessarily about geodata but about legal info
issues - http://www.ipc.on.ca/english/Resources/

Teresa Scassa, D.R. Fraser Taylor and Tracey P. Lauriault, (Fortcoming
2014), *Cybercartography and Traditional Knowledge: Responding to Legal and
Ethical Challenges*, Chapter 19 in Developments in the Theory and Practice
of Cybercartography: Applications and Indigenous Mapping, Elsevier.

Tracey P. Lauriault and D. R. Fraser Taylor, (Fortcoming 2014), *Archiving
and Preserving Cybercartography*, Chapter 21 in Developments in the Theory
and Practice of Cybercartography: Applications and Indigenous Mapping,
Elsevier. (*Includes a review of key reports on the topic in Canada*)

*Conference Papers:*

Scassa, Teresa, D. R. Fraser Taylor and Tracey P. Lauriault, 2012, *Challenges
of Managing Data on Traditional Knowledge: A Case Study from the Canadian
North presented at the CODATA 2012*: Open Data and Information for a
Changing Planet, Taiwan.

Scassa, Teresa, Fraser Taylor, and Nate Engler, 2012, *Traditional
knowledge and "volunteered" geographic information: digital cartography in
the Canadian North, Presentation at the Legal, Economic and Institutional
Challenges II session*, GSDI 13, Tuesday May 15.

Skedsmo, M., D.R.F. Taylor O. Palmer, and M. Guðmundsson, 2012, *Arctic
Spatial Data Infrastructure: PanArctic Cooperation among Ten Mapping
Agencies* GSDI 13, Quebec city, May 14.

*GSDI 13 Conference Proceedings:*

   - *Legal, Economic and Institutional Challenges I *
   - *Legal, Economic and Institutional Challenges II *
   - *Legal, Economic and Institutional Challenges III *
   - *Legal, Economic and Institutional Challenges IV *


Nov. 14, 2012, Mapping The Legal Boundaries of Digital Cartography:
Surveying the legal terrain and charting the
(Full proceedings)


*NOTE: *to access more than exec summary for some of the following contact
- Cindy.Mitchell at nrcan-rncan.gc.ca*

GeoConnections (Lauriault, T. P., Ed Kennedy, Y. Hackett). 2013. *Archiving
and Preservation of Geospatial Data Primer*. Forthcoming. (Includes a short
review of laws. etc.). URL forthcoming.*

GeoConnections. 2012.* **How to share geospatial data primer.*

GeoConnections (Lauriault, T. P. & Ed Kennedy). 2011. *Geospatial Data
Archiving and Preservation - Research and Recommendations Executive Summary*.
*(Includes a review of legislation, regulation, policies and directives
re-preservation and management of geospatial data)*

GeoConnections. 2011. *IP law backgrounder.*

GeoConnections. 2012. *Primer on policy implications of cloud computing. *

GeoConnections. 2012. *Geospatial privacy awareness and risk management
guide for federal agencies.*

GeoConnections (Scassa, Teresa). 2012. *Volunteered geographic information
(VGI) primer. *

GeoConnections. 2010. *Best practices for sharing sensitive environmental
geospatial data. *

GeoConnections. 2008. *The dissemination of government geographic data in
Canada: guide to best practices.*

GeoConnections. 2001. *Executive summary, geospatial data policy study.*


*Canadian Geomatic Round Table - Legal and Policy Dimension Task Team*,
contact - Jeannine.Parent at asc-csa.gc.ca or Corinna.Vester at nrcan-rncan.gc.ca

*Research Data Canada, Policy Working Group*,

*Mapping the Legal and Policy Boundaries of Digital Cartography*. Geomatics
and Cartographic Research Centre. Social Science and Humanities Research
Council Funded Project.
Samuelson Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
(CIPPIC) and the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre. Forthcoming
2013.  *RESEARCH MEMORANDUM Licenses for Traditional Knowledge in the
Context of Digital Cartography.*

   - Samuelson Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
   (CIPPIC). https://www.cippic.ca/en/open_governance
   - The Citizen Lab. http://citizenlab.org/.

*Critical Legal Geography*, I stumbled upon this during the course of GCRC
research. You probably all know, but just in case, I send it along!  A
little redundancy ain't so bad sometimes.

Tracey P. Lauriault
Post Doctoral Fellow
Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre
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