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Pour info, la Banque Mondiale vient de lancer son portail Open Budget qui
intègre notamment les données budgétaires détaillées du Togo.

Voir ci-dessous.

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Dear all,

At the World Bank's Open Government Practice, we are delighted to announce
the launch of World Bank's Open Budgets

Initially, the portal contains datasets and interactive tables for 11
countries, as well as for two Brazilian states.

The data was carefully collected and verified, and it is being published
with as much regard as possible for timeliness, comprehensive and

We hope that this portal, even in its initial stage, proves to be a useful
tool for all of those working to advance openness in public spending. As
such, we would love to hear any feedback you may have on the portal and on
how we can make sure that the portal is a helpful as possible to you and to
the work that you do.

All the best,


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