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Bonjour à tous,

la commission EU vient de sortir un  très bon rapport qui évalue les
différentes techniques d'anonymisation [1] dans le contexte de l'open data.

Extrait de l'executive summary :

*The Opinion concludes that anonymisation techniques can provide privacy
guarantees and*
*may be used to generate efficient anonymisation processes, but only if
their application is*
*engineered appropriately – which means that the prerequisites (context)
and the objective(s)*
*of the anonymisation process must be clearly set out in order to achieve
the targeted*
*anonymisation while producing some useful data. The optimal solution
should be decided on*
*a case-by-case basis, possibly by using a combination of different
techniques, while taking*
*into account the practical recommendations developed in this Opinion.*

*Finally, data controllers should consider that an anonymised dataset can
still present residual*
*risks to data subjects. Indeed, on the one hand, anonymisation and
re-identification are active*
*fields of research and new discoveries are regularly published, and on the
other hand even*
*anonymised data, like statistics, may be used to enrich existing profiles
of individuals, thus*
*creating new data protection issues. Thus, anonymisation should not be
regarded as a one-off*
*exercise and the attending risks should be reassessed regularly by data

Et pour ceux intéressés plus largement par les questions de données
personnelles, la liste mydata-open-data at lists.okfn.org est une très bonne
source d'infos.


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howdy, excellent intro and assessment of anonymization techniques and their
known weaknesses:

some key points:

> ... not only means the possibility of retrieving a
> person's name and/or address, but also includes potential
> identifiability by singling out, linkability and inference.

pseudonymised data
> ... cannot be equated to anonymised information as they
> continue to allow an individual data subject to be singled out and
> linkable across different data sets . Pseudonymity is likely to allow
> for identifiability, and therefore stays inside the scope of the legal
> regime of data protection. This is especially relevant in the context
> of scientific, statistical or historical research.

page 11 explains singling out, linkability and inference.

the theme is that there is no silver bullet, and gives good examples
for vulnerability of each technique.

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