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Une activité utile et facile pour l'Open Data Day
<http://opendataday.org>du 22/02

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> pour info, open data census désormais dispo pour les villes
> l'outil est également déclinable pour votre sujet, territoire ...
> à vous de recenser !
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> Hi all,
> A new blog post introduces the Local Open Data Census, which will
> allow citizens to gather information on the availability of open data
> in cities around the world. The post also describes how to build a
> data census on a particular topic. The text is below, and can also be
> found here:
> http://blog.okfn.org/2014/02/04/announcing-the-local-open-data-census/
> -Christian
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> *** Let's explore local open data around the world! ***
> Local data is often the most relevant to citizens on a daily basis -
> be it rubbish collection times, local tax rates or zoning information.
> However, at the moment it's difficult to know which key local datasets
> are openly available and where. Now, you can help change that.
> We know there is huge variability in how much local data is available
> not just across countries but within countries, with some cities and
> municipalities making major open data efforts, while in others there's
> little or no progress visible. If we can find out what open data is
> out there, we can encourage more cities to open up key information,
> helping businesses and citizens understand their cities and making
> life easier.
> We've created the Local Open Data Census to survey and compare the
> progress made by different cities and local areas in releasing Open
> Data. You can help by tracking down Open Data from a city or region
> where you live or that you're interested in. All you need to do is
> register your interest and we'll get your Local Open Data Census set
> up and ready to use.
> *** Investigate your local open data on Open Data Day ***
> Open Data Day is coming - it's on 22 February 2014 and will involve
> Open Data events around the world where people can get involved with
> open data. If you're organising an open data event, why not include a
> Census-a-thon to encourage people to track down and add information
> about their city?
> A Local Open Data Census for your city will help:
> * new people learn about open data by exploring what's available and
> relevant to them;
> * you compare open data availability in your city with other cities in
> your country;
> * local government identify data that local people and businesses are
> interested in using;
> * and more data get opened up everywhere!
> It's really easy to contribute to an Open Data Census: there's lots of
> documentation for them and a truly global community creating and using
> them. A City Census is a great way to get involved with open data for
> the first time, as the information is about things city residents
> really care about. Or if you're more interested in regions, counties
> or states, you can take part a regional Census. (Some countries will
> have both regional and city Censuses, because of the way their local
> government information is organised.)
> Sign up now to ensure your city and country have a Local Open Data
> Census up and running before Open Data Day, and let's see how much
> open data about open data we can create this month! We'll have more
> tips on how to run a successful Census-a-thon coming soon.
> Register your interest in a local census at meta.census.okfn.org.
> *** The history behind the Local Open Data Census ***
> In 2012 we started an Open Data Census to track the state of
> country-level open data around the world. The 2013 results published
> as the first ever Open Data Index at index.okfn.org last autumn
> covered 700 datasets across 70 countries, and have already proved
> useful in driving open data release around the world. We're looking
> forward to updating the Census for 2014 later this year.
> However, a lot of data that is most relevant to citizens' everyday
> lives is at the local level. That's why last year we ran a separate
> pilot, to measure release of open data at the local, city level - the
> City Open Data Census. We've learnt a lot from the experience and from
> the community who used the pilot, and we are now ready to offer a full
> Local Open Data Census to everyone, everywhere.
> You can find out more on the new Census 'meta' site, meta.census.okfn.org.
> *** And there's more: Topical Open Data Censuses ***
> We also know that people will want to run their own specific Open Data
> Censuses focused on particular topics or datasets. If you've been
> wondering about the openness of pollution data, legal information,
> public finances or any other topic, we can set up a special Census to
> survey the datasets you care about, on a national or regional scale.
> A Topical Census uses the platform built for the Open Data Census to
> run a similar, customised census, and publish the results in a simple
> and visually appealing way. The questionnaires, responses and results
> can be hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation, so you don't have to
> worry about the technical side. If you are interested in running a
> Topical Open Data Census, get in touch with the Census team.
> Note that we expect quite a bit of demand for local Censuses in the
> next few weeks. We will prioritise requests for Topical Censuses from
> groups who have more people ready to get involved, such as existing
> networks, working groups or interest groups around the topic, so
> please let us know a little about yourselves when you get in touch.
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