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These guys look interesting (see below). We should add them to:


I'll also be writing back to them asap.


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From: 	Ian Manheimer <obfuscated>
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I have come across your network a couple of times now, and I think our
mission’s are so similar that I ought reach out and introduce ourselves.
We are dropping knowledge international – an effort to connect the ideas
and people of the world around a growing resource of global knowledge
about social change. Please find the attached document which is just a
taste of what we do. If you get a chance, visit the website
www.droppingknowledge.org <http://www.droppingknowledge.org/>.

And what is it you guys do?



Ian Manheimer

Project Manager

dropping knowledge international

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If you had the next great idea, who would you tell?

dropping knowledge offers a way to engage the creativity and ideas of 
all people to improve the world. dropping knowledge is putting the 
capacity for inquiry, understanding and innovation into the hands of the 
global public. dropping knowledge is a growing resource of actionable 
and empowering knowledge built in the public's trust.  People and 
organizations from all over the world convene on the dropping knowledge 
platform to define today's important problems and collaborate to 
generate new knowledge and solutions.

Participatory democracy in the 21st century
Of all the incredible potential of this connected planet, the most 
powerful development is the emergence of a global culture of sharing. 
It is this emerging global public working together to solve contemporary 
problems and spur innovation that offers our greatest hope as we move 
into this new century.  The mission of dropping knowledge is to fuel 
this hope by empowering the diverse global community to raise questions, 
exchange knowledge and ideas, dialogue around issues, and organize for 

8 themes,  100 questions, a world of possibility

In 2005-2006, dropping knowledge launched by conducting a global 
question campaign that generated over 25,000 questions. On September 9, 
2006, 112 visionaries from around the world came together to answer the 
top ranked 100 questions at the first Table of Free Voices (ToFV).  The 
600 hours of answers to these 100 questions  are now open to all on 
dropping knowledge's website. Among the content generated that day are 
some of the freshest perspectives on today's most pressing themes:

	   reinventing economics - questions of poverty, prosperity and 
expanding opportunity
	 the human footprint - questions about energy, ecology, and sustainable 
ways of life
	 understanding power - questions about freedom and governance
	 innovation acceleration - questions about science, technology and the 
	 the new global frontier - questions about culture, communications and 
	 conscious recognition - questions about ethics and responsibility
	 a perceiving eye - questions about your view

 From 112 to infinity

Beginning with the first three themes over the next two years, dropping 
knowledge will work with partners like CARE, The Untied Nations 
Development Programme, the Sundance Channel, Conversation Week,  and 
others to expand the sharing of knowledge to include over 1,000,000 
people and organizations worldwide. The dropping knowledge platform - or 
Living Library - is an unprecedented infrastructure, from which the 
knowledge and wisdom of the world will be freely accessible to all.

reinventing economics
the human footprint
understanding power

Shaping America's Agenda
Shaping America's Agenda is the first effort by dropping knowledge to 
apply the media tools, social process, and communication methods 
developed from its highly successful ToFV for a nation specific project. 
  Shaping America's Agenda will provide the diverse American public a 
voice in naming the issues it cares about, thus creating an open 
exchange of knowledge and ideas to address these issues, and inspiring 
action on priorities and solutions the people this country want to pursue.

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