[okfn-help] Re: PHP gd2 and mail

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Jun 5 12:35:13 BST 2007

Klavs Bryld wrote:
> Hi Rufus.
> As there have a wish on the wsfii-discuss list for a new website on 
> www.wsfii.org I have uploaded the website we have been working on for 
> some some time ago.
> The transfer af the website worked very well, I have found some issuses 
> however, which I hope you can help with.
> First I cannot send mail from the Wordpress included mail-function (php) 
> nor from the php mail() function in general (tested from 
> http://www.wsfii.org/mailtest.php). Mails can be send allright from the 
> ssh-commandline.

Hmmm. Have you not been receiving emails regarding spam etc etc. There 
are several other wordpress installs on that machine and they all seem 
to send mail fine ...

> Secondly the gd (actually gd2-extension) seems not to be installed on 
> the PHP-system. This is needed for the capcha-spamvalidation-system to 
> work - and I properly will install also other wordpress plugins later to 
> make use of this extension.

What exactly is the apt-get line I would need to install this?

> Can you fix this? If It's not possible or convenient or desirable I can 
> host the website on the diirwb-server, and we can change the 
> dns-pointing of wsfii.org and www.wsfii.org to this server. I have to 
> transfer the moinmoin-wiki also, but I guess this will not be 
> impossible. Still keeping the lists on okfn, though.

Sure. I'd be very happy for you guys to put it on your machine as that 
means less sysadminning (and lower resource burden) my end :) At the 
same time we're very happy to have wsfii.org stay on the system. If you 
do want to move you should probably first find out who is controlling 
the dns because we're not ... (I assume it is whoever registered the 
domain in the first place which from a whois looks to be Saul who I've 
put in cc).


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