[okfn-help] Re: DNS changes (Re: PHP gd2 and mail)

Saul Albert saul at theps.net
Sun Jun 10 10:36:18 BST 2007

Hi Klavs

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 02:32:58AM +0200, Klavs Bryld wrote:
> Now I have finally copied the web-content (incl mysql and 
> moinmoinwiki-data) from the okfn-server to the DIIRWB-server, and as far 
> as I have tested everything works fine on the copy 
> (http://diirwb.wsfii.org & http://diirwb.wsfii.org/wiki). As the 
> virtualhost on the server is also setup to www.wsfii.org and wsfii.org 
> everything should now be in place for the DNS-change now.

Well done!

> Saul, can you please change the DNS, so wsfii.org  poins to 
> (diirwb.net)

Done - all mail and subdomains will also be pointing there.

I also changed the CNAMEs for dharamasala2006.wsfii.org and
wiki.wsfii.org from diirweb.net to wsfii.org - which should now resolve
to the same place anyway...



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