[okfn-help] openMilton junk error in lineno view

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Apr 8 11:36:08 BST 2008

On 31/03/08 14:39, Iain Emsley wrote:
> I've nearly managed to get a working copy of Milton's works (barring  
> one or two parsing issues) from the Shakespeare code but seem to have  
> run into an issue along the line.

Sorry for the delay Iain but I was out of email contact last week ...

> I can get the raw and plain views working but each time I try the  
> lineno view, I get the error from genshi\input.py line 172:
> raise ParseError(msg, self.filename, e.lineno, e.offset)
> ParseError: junk after document element: line 2, column 0
> Does any one have any ideas on what might be an issue or a way of  
> better "sanitising" the text stream as Genshi handles it?

Hmmm. I think there is an issue here I probably need to clean up as the 
same thing seems to be happening on the main site too. I'll take a look 
and get back to you as soon as I can. For the time being I wouldn't 
worry too much about the lineno stuff as it is not essential (and 
probably should be 'refactored' in any case).


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