[okfn-help] [okfn-discuss] Changing license

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Apr 30 12:37:20 BST 2008

Taking this off discuss as this is a specific issue ...

On 30/04/08 10:41, John Bywater wrote:
> Rufus Pollock wrote:
>> Or anyone with system Administrator role (sysadmin) on knowledgeforge 
>> via:
>>   <http://knowledgeforge.net/admin/model/License/>
> That's the theory, but in practice I get taken here and given a 404:
> http://www.knowledgeforge.net/accessDenied//admin/model/License/
> Which indicates both that I don't have the Administrator role on 
> knowledgeforge.net (needed to access the admin/model pages, and also 

Yes, and you now are an admin -- sorry I mistakenly thought you already 
were a sysadmin ...

> that the URL configuration isn't quite right for the 'access denied' 
> page (there's a KForge page for that location). We've been here before, 
> but I can't remember exactly why the knowledgeforge.net config is off 
> (WSGI related?).

This is definitely not WSGI related though it may be related to the 
access control woes we have experienced in the past though those were 
mainly to do with subsystem app access not main WUI access ...


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