[okfn-help] versions of CKAN dependencies

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Jan 22 09:53:41 GMT 2008

John Bywater wrote:
> Hi Rufus,

I should apologize here. I've just gone back and double-checked and for 
some reason my local development system did not have some updates it 
should have done (I use svk locally and it seems there might have been 
an issue correctly pulling changes from svn which were made on the 
production machine). Having done so I found a couple of bugs (and fixed 
them) as detailed in:


[ckan/misc][s](bugfixes): correct various issues mainly to do with 
development authentication setup which had been missed due to weird svk 

* development.ini,
   ckan/tests/functional/test_account.py: Update to AuthKit 0.4.0 
requires upgrading of development.ini authkit config and also some 
fixing up of tests.

* ckan/public/images/ckan.sql.gz: this symlink is only needed on 
production machine and breaks python setup.py develop when absent so now 

> Could you check exactly which versions you've got CKAN running against, for:
> Pylons

> SQLObject


> Markdown


> Routes
> Beaker
> Paste
> (any others?)

These all come from Pylons so should whatever was required there ..

> I've nearly got things running, but still have some strange errors.
> Like returns a big fat
> black/grey/green Pylons "Server Error 401" page.

Yes it should have done given that authkit was not working ...

> (Just on the requirements level, might there be a desire to return
> CKAN-looking pages in such cases?)

Yes, though I would say this was ultra-low priority ...

> Anyway, it would be a great help to know which versions of things
> you're running against.
> Best wishes,
> John.
> PS Is there a ckan-dev mailing list, or is kforge-dev the place?

Good question. My preference was to move ckan stuff to okfn-help for the 
time being but then I wondered whether we should have a dedicated list. 
Probably the best thing is to move stuff there and if it turns out to be 
'overwhelming' okfn-help we can split off a dedicated list -- this way 
we avoid premature list proliferation :)


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